Monday, 31 March 2008

Inappropriate uses of music in advertising (pt.1)

Compare and contrast:

First Choice Holidays advert (currently showing on UK television)

Serge Gainsbourg et Charlotte Gainsbourg – Lemon Incest

You can imagine the F*rst Ch**c* project brief was to come up with a poignant, yet heart-warming image of family holidays (with none of the usual trappings: arguments, tantrums, sunburn, fry-ups, etc). And the music? A stark and lilting piano version of Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Lemon Incest’.

Look! There he is cavorting on black satin sheets with his scantily clad 12-year-old daughter Charlotte, and they’re singing an ode to forbidden love, and keeping it in the family...

Look again at the slightly sinister expression on the family guy’s face, and the tag-line “We understand family holidays”...

Here’s another stark and beautiful rendition of Lemon Incest, this time in English (for those of you not fluent in French). It’s by that Bad Seed Mick Harvey, from his album ‘Intoxicated Man’ (Songs of Serge Gainsbourg sung in English by Mick Harvey & Anita Lane) on Mute Records.

Mick Harvey – Lemon Incest

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

J'ai un problème

We should have known it was going to be one of those nights, when our taxi driver missed the turning, then decided to execute an illegal U-Turn, followed by a short-cut the wrong way down a One-Way street. And all while a police car watched from behind us. Busted.

We had one or two technical problems to test our mettle too – somehow the plug got pulled twice and all the power to the DJ console went kaput. And as if that wasn’t enough, we had to contend with a gang of good-for-nothings who kept trying to steal all our stuff. Easy it was not.

But none of this seemed to spoil everyone else’s enjoyment, so we say merci and thank you for joining us. Somehow we’ll manage to cobble together a podcast from the interrupted recordings.

And now, Jacques has a problem…

Jacques Dutronc - Le Courrier Du Coeur

Cobra Killer have a problem…

Cobra Killer – Let’s Have A Problem

Antoine has his problems too…
Antoine et Les Problèmes

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Vive Le Weekend

just a reminder that L'Amour Electronique is on this Saturday, 8pm 'til 1am at The Penthouse, Brighton (above The Freebutt, Phoenix Place). It is FREE ENTRY all night, and as well as providing a sweet soundtrack of French pop and electronics, we will be showing films and French music videos too.

As it's a roll-over weekend, I reckon we might show this:
Jean-Luc Godard - Weekend (trailer)

We couldn't find any Easter related French or electronic/synth nuggets, but here's an mp3 to get you going:
Stereo Total - Vive Le Week-End

A Bientôt
L'Amour Electronique
ps For some reason the bonus YouTube disappeared off the last blog post on myspace. Here it is:

Late Of The Pier - Bears Are Coming

Monday, 17 March 2008


Welcome to our new L'Amour Electronique blog. From now on this blog will replace the rubbish Myspace one we've struggled with for a year or so. We will post setlists from our monthly soirée, as well as podcasts/mixtapes, free mp3 downloads, photos, videos, and anything else we can find that may be of amusement to budding Francophiles, electronics freaks, and synth obsessives.

We will continue to maintain our Myspace L'Amour Electronique page, of course. And all previous setlists have been archived there.

The next L'Amour Electronique takes place this Saturday 22 March

Intrigued? Download our latest podcast
L'Amour Electronique podcast/mixtape - recorded live on 23 FEB 08
[this file has now been archived - but you can download a zipped file here]
Depeche Mode – The Meaning Of Love
Belle & Sebastian – Judy Is A Dick Slap
Yelle – 85A
Yazoo – Nobody's Diary
Michel Polnareff – Qui a Tué Grand Maman?
Hot Butter – Popcorn
Kraftwerk – Airwaves
Walter Carlos & Rachel Elkind - Title Music from A Clockwork Orange / French Language disque
Trost – Sans Ta Scie
Les Dandy's – Amour Et Mariage
Michel Polnareff – Dans La Maison Vide
Duchess Says – Cut Up
Stereo Total – Holiday Innn
Big Black – The Model
Adult. – Glue Your Eyelids Together
Dan Deacon – Okie Dokie
Bat For Lashes – Sweet Dreams (Radio1 Live Lounge session)
Stereo Total – Miss Rébellion Des Hormones
Serge Gainsbourg et Jane Birkin – Je T'Aime… Moi Non Plus
Late Of The Pier – Bears Are Coming

Go to our old blog for full setlist.

Come back soon
L'Amour Electronique