Wednesday, 24 September 2008

5th Birthday (and last soirée at The Penthouse)

L’Amour Electronique is FIVE this month! Come and celebrate with us this weekend…

L’Amour Electronique
The Penthouse, above The Freebutt, Phoenix Place, Brighton
8pm until 1am
FREE ENTRY all night (and cheap-o drinks too)

We will be playing our finest selection of French bubblegum pop, synthesized ditties and electronic goodness, including some new gems picked up in Paris this week. And we will have a special guest DJ and Polnareff fanatic to join us in our quest.

As well as celebrating, you can also commiserate with us as this will be our very last soirée at The Penthouse – Booooooooooo!
It’s okay though, cos we have already secured ourselves a brand new home with a belle vue (and much nicer toilets) where we will be every 4th Saturday from November – Woooooooooo!

So come and help us go out with a great big



Now, how about a dash of Polnareff to get you through to the weekend?
Michel Polnareff – L’Oiseau De Nuit

See you at the weekend
L’Amour Electronique

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Now we are 5 - a retrospective

Zut Alors! It would appear that we have racked up 5 whole years of French and electronic pop goodness under the tricolore banner of L’Amour Electronique.

Here's a little poster artwork retrospective...

Monday, 8 September 2008

The Negativ and Non-Negativ

In case you didn't join us for our krautrock psychosis tour of Deutschland over the weekend, and you're feeling a bit left out, we have just the ticket - A trip to Negativland.

Nurse! The pNEUmatic drill...

Neu! - Negativland

And now for the antidote, courtesy of Berlin "neuro, non-electro duo" Echokrank.

I hear Valkyries...

Echokrank- Non-Negativland


Neu! should need no introduction.
And if they do, then you should visit the following sites:

Echokrank are Hotleg (drums) and Brezel (synths).
They make über-irreverent, ultra-lo-fi cut&stick bubblegum musik.
They have a new album out on Gagarin Records, and if you are lucky enough to live in Germany, Holland or Belgium, you may catch them on tour this week.
You may recognise one of them from our good friends and L'Amour Electronique faves Stereo Total.

Here is footage of Echokrank captured on our visit to Berlin in 2007.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Nightclubbing & Nachtmusik

Here’s some claustrophobic kraut-disko to set you up for a Friday night.

First up, Parisian duo Zombie Zombie, paying homage to one of Iggy’s darkest, most oppressive moments

Quick! Book that budget flight to Berlin, we can be there in time for an amphetamine breakfast, then we’ll live it up like it’s 1977.

Zombie Zombie – Nightclubbing

Tsssk! You were in such a rush to book the flight, you forgot about the return tickets.  Stay calm, neck these downers and we’ll catch a train… How about a little night music, courtesy of Modular Records, to lull away the journey?

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Etrinken

Deutschland passes by in a foggy, motorik blur – You dream of 12-hour krautrock marathons chez-Can, in a dank warehouse crudely sound-proofed with prison-issue mattresses… You hit metallic beats with Kraftwerk, after sneaking in the place of Wolfgang Flür’s showroom dummy… Your head pounds with pneumatic drills and rapier-like guitar scrapes and klangs as you crawl your way out of Negativland… You are Damo Suzuki… You are Damo Suzuki… You are Damo Suzuki… No, I am Damo Suzuki