Thursday, 15 December 2011

Feeling Christmassy yet?

Me neither.

Maybe this will get us in the mood: big production Christmas-ness from Séverine

*Séverine - Les Enfants Qui Attendent Noël*

*I have a feeling I picked this up a couple of years ago from the seasonal Christmas a Go-Go blog*

Vive La France 2012

In January our L'Amour Electronique soirée will be a special one-off as part of Vive La France 2012.

We will be providing musical entertainment at the end-of-festival party:
Saturday 28th January 2012
L'Amour Electronique @ Vive La France
11pm - 2am
Free Entry
VENUE: Plateau, 1 Bartholomews, Brighton, BN1 1HG

We will also be playing interlude records between bands at one of the gigs:
Friday 27th January 2012
Turzi + Concrete Knives + Halfway + L'Amour Electronique DJs
VENUE: The Hope, 11 Queens Rd, Brighton, BN1 3WA
doors 8pm
entry £5/£6

download the full programme for Vive La France 2012

[nb there is no L'Amour Electronique in December]

Friday, 9 December 2011

haven't you heard Mirza?

At the last L'Amour Electronique I gave this by ace Jocelyne track an airing:  A driving beat, some ringing telecaster guitar licks, tenor sax, horns and a pocket of backing vox - it's a soulful little number alright, and not even the dubious muted trumpet solo can take the wind out of its sails.

"et la la la la la"

Jocelyne - La La La La La
[this Jocelyne track was re-issued on the out-of-print Jocelyne: Twistin' The Rock vol 1]

Now listen to Little Stevie Wonder banging the drums in 1963.

Sound familiar?

Fast forward 2 years to 1965 when you might have seen Mirza...

[buy Nino Ferrer from itunes |]

But maybe you haven't read Kafka?

Suzanne Gabriello - Z'Avez Pas Lu Kafka
[this track by Suzanne Gabriello was re-issued on the out-of-print Ultra Chicks vol 5: Chicks a Go Go]

A trip to the moon is previewing a track from Air's forthcoming album Le Voyage Dans Le Lune (released 6th Feb 2012).

From the Air website:
The album takes its inspiration from the classic 1902 silent film “Le Voyage Dans La Lune” (A Trip To The Moon)” by Georges Méliès, which has been fully restored and is currently being shown at film festivals around the world to great acclaim. For this new version of the film, AIR were asked to compose an original score, which in turn grew into a full scale album project.