Friday, 9 December 2011

haven't you heard Mirza?

At the last L'Amour Electronique I gave this by ace Jocelyne track an airing:  A driving beat, some ringing telecaster guitar licks, tenor sax, horns and a pocket of backing vox - it's a soulful little number alright, and not even the dubious muted trumpet solo can take the wind out of its sails.

"et la la la la la"

Jocelyne - La La La La La
[this Jocelyne track was re-issued on the out-of-print Jocelyne: Twistin' The Rock vol 1]

Now listen to Little Stevie Wonder banging the drums in 1963.

Sound familiar?

Fast forward 2 years to 1965 when you might have seen Mirza...

[buy Nino Ferrer from itunes |]

But maybe you haven't read Kafka?

Suzanne Gabriello - Z'Avez Pas Lu Kafka
[this track by Suzanne Gabriello was re-issued on the out-of-print Ultra Chicks vol 5: Chicks a Go Go]

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