Thursday, 1 May 2008

Tristram Cary (1925-2008)

Tristram Cary died last week…

Cary independently conceived the idea of electronic and tape music while serving as a naval radar officer in 1945. He is a true electronic pioneer.

Cary created electronic scores for various 60’s Sci-Fi classics, including Dr Who and Quatermass and The Pit, as well as producing sound collages for exhibits at various World Fairs and Expos, he also composing orchestral/electronic concert music throughout his career.

Dr Who and The Mutants (TV - Electronic, 1972)
[requires RealPlayer]

He co-designed the VCS3 Synthi, and other EMS products.

Every Eno needs a Synthi…
Roxy Music - Editions Of You

More recently, Tristram Cary continued composing electronic and orchestral concert music, as well as his research in computer music. He died in Adelaide, South Australia on 24 April 2008, aged 82.

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