Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Silence is broken

*TAP*TAP*TAP* Is this thing on? Can anybody out there here me? Or am I shouting into empty (cyber)space?

Sorry if I woke you up, but the time has come to break this silence. I wouldn't exactly call it a re-boot of L'Amour Electronique. A re-visit perhaps. How long will it last? I can't say. How involved will it be? I do not know. How much new content will I post? We'll have to wait and see.

All I can say for now is that I've been coaxed out of retirement for a one-off  DJ set. which has given me good reason to dust off some of my French vinyl and enjoy some old favourites.

Whether I have time to share any such old favourites or new discoveries here remains to be seen...

If anyone is actually reading this and has any desire to know what I've been up to in my long absence, you could take a look here: www.dominicbradnum.co.uk.

Come back soon and I will have more concrete news (and if you're lucky some L'Amour Electronique treats)

ps. I noticed that I never updated the mixcloud player in the sidebar. I've just changed it to show mix 4 part 1 for a bit. It starts off a bit dark, but bear with it!