Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Breathless (again)

I caught a bit of Jazz at the Movies on Radio 2 last night.

Jean-Luc Godard fans should listen just for the clips of Jazz composer Martial Solal talking about his soundtrack for À Bout De Souffle: working with Godard, his choice of character themes (strings for Seberg, brass for Belmondo), and the end result - as young Jazz-chap host Jamie Cullum notes the film action is almost cut to the "crazy, jagged be-bop" music.

Jazz at the Movies is on the iPlayer until 21.59 on Monday 6th May >> LISTEN HERE

Monday, 22 April 2013

French pop a la BBC (repeat)

Attention French pop fans! A bit of Gallic eye candy to feast yr mincers on...

I blogged about these before, but I shall give them a mention again, as both shows were repeated last night on good ol' BBC4.

Exotic Pop at the BBC has a sultry Juliette Greco and a painfully awkward Françoise on it; plus Monsieur Aznavour in a terrible jacket, Plastic Bertrand after one too many fizzy pops, and jail-bait era Vanessa Paradis.
It is available on the iPlayer until 12:29AM Mon, 29 Apr 2013 >> WATCH IT HERE

Anyone For Demis? How The World Invaded The Pop Charts, meanwhile has "the French Cliff Richard" Johnny Halliday, Françoise on Eurovision and The Piccadilly Show, Serge &  Jane, and Mademoiselle Paradis again.
Available on t'iPlayer until 1:29AM Mon, 29 Apr 2013 >> WATCH IT HERE

Here's a full run down of the unmissable bits (from the point of view of yr humble, but obviously superlatively taste-driven, scribe): Wot I said last time about them two programmes wot were shown on the BBC

Friday, 12 April 2013


For once I'm not referring to those naughty synth-abusers Add N To (X), though they did have a bit of a thing for fucking machines (as seen in this titillating video, and this titillatingier one...).


Instead we gonna go back.

How far we going back?

Way back.

Back to the Godfather of Soul...

The year is 1969, James Brown hits the R&B top spot with the James Brown Orchestra, sweating it up to a fast-paced funk workout called 'Give it Up Or Turn It Loose'. Hot on his heels is an American jazz pianist (aka The Man From O.R.G.A.N.) messing about with his new Moog synthesizer, and making like some kind of pioneering electro-disco sexpot...

It's time to unleash Dick Hyman's analog[ue] sex machine. Don't be afraid boys and girls, just 'Give it Up Or Turn It Loose'

Dick Hyman - Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
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Monday, 8 April 2013


"C'mon bébé, love me, PLEASE LOVE ME..." moans Rita, as this slow-grind bass groove slips into gear.

Just listen to her breathy gasps and groans as the Hammond organist tickles her fancy. And I bet you're feeling a little uneasy when that guitar-lick freakout brings her to a steamy climax...

Oops! Sounds like she just broke it.

Oh! Rita! You always have to go too far.

Rita - Erotica

Coming up: more SEX

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sex = Science

My last post was titled "Sex Please, We're British". So, here's some more sex...

Sex = science, and Rita is in the lab, waiting to teach you your first lesson in 'Sexologie'.

Look! She chalked up a few diagrams on the blackboard, and she's firing up some mechanical sci-fi sex-funk music to get you in the learning mood.

Uh-Oh! She's getting carried away now, off comes the pristine white lab-coat, she's twirling it round and tossing it aside... Look at her go, gyrating like a go-go dancer from way down deep in the Valley of the Dolls... It's all gone a bit softcore, Vaseline on the lens and the windows are starting to get steamed up. What would the headmaster say if he walked in now?

Too late.

Anyone fancy a rewind?

Rita - Sexologie
[nb. this is not to be confused with the stunning sitar ass-shaker of the same name by Danyel Gérard]