Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sex = Science

My last post was titled "Sex Please, We're British". So, here's some more sex...

Sex = science, and Rita is in the lab, waiting to teach you your first lesson in 'Sexologie'.

Look! She chalked up a few diagrams on the blackboard, and she's firing up some mechanical sci-fi sex-funk music to get you in the learning mood.

Uh-Oh! She's getting carried away now, off comes the pristine white lab-coat, she's twirling it round and tossing it aside... Look at her go, gyrating like a go-go dancer from way down deep in the Valley of the Dolls... It's all gone a bit softcore, Vaseline on the lens and the windows are starting to get steamed up. What would the headmaster say if he walked in now?

Too late.

Anyone fancy a rewind?

Rita - Sexologie
[nb. this is not to be confused with the stunning sitar ass-shaker of the same name by Danyel Gérard]

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