Tuesday, 3 September 2013

apologies for tardiness

So sorry to have been so tardy with this business of keeping you all in the market for sweet French fancies and electronic goodness. I have been busy with life and art/music, and it looks likely to continue that way for a while.

If I were to sit down and list all of my passions in order of preference, I fear that, at present, L'Amour Electronique would come right down towards the bottom of a rather long list. It's not that I don't enjoy finding and sharing this music any more, but more that the rewards I get from doing it don't really add up to enough to make all the work worthwhile right now.

If I think of all the things I would like to get done, the creative pursuits - such as music and art - which I scarcely have any time for anyway, are really the things I should be prioritising. Rather than faffing around trying to find a link to an image of some obscure French dollybird, or the biography of some decommissioned European synth-nerd...  (Another factor that has contributed to this general feeling is that my current file-hosting service seems to delete files faster than I can post new ones to replace them.)

So, my intention is to strip any L'Amour Electronique posts I make back to basics, and probably for the most part I will just be continuing the, curiously popular, L'Amour à la Chaîne feature.

And for the rest of my time I will be working, spending time with my wife and baby daughter, and putting my energies to good creative use with projects such as this.