Saturday, 30 August 2008

Dam Dam ou Dum Dum

Look, here comes Michèle, she’s been hanging out with that peculiarly monikered gang Ses Wouaps.

She’s got a sweet spot for her Wouaps, with their preppy, geek charm and their twangy guitars, and they love her for that spooky operatic wail of hers. Together they made a record with a nonsensical title and a sinister undertone, the kind of thing Joe Meek liked to knock out in his Holloway Road bolthole - the vampiric Moontrekkers making a horrorshow din, and a peroxide beehived gal on lead vocal.

Are the lyrics littered with references to bloody carnage and death? Not to these ears, but it would certainly sit moodily alongside any death disc. All drenched in reverb, it gives me those same goosebumps I get when I hear Johnny Remember Me by John Leyton and Give Us Your Blessings by The Shangri-Las.

Michèle et Ses Wouaps – Dam Dam

Jina Miko’s got the bubblegum pop thing down pat – the cute untrained voice; the odd nagging telephone ringing in your eardrum sound; the little ‘woop’ before the Lipstick On Your Collar-esque guitar solo comes in; and a production so hot and distorted it sounds like the tape was melting when they laid it down...

But the best thing is it sounds like she’s saying “Dom Dom” rather than “Dum Dum”, and I’m a sucker for any French girl who calls my name…

Jina Miko – Dum Dum

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