Sunday, 17 May 2009

Creepy Crawlies pt.2

In part 1 we introduced you to a few of the hairy little beasties that make us come over all squeamish. Our French dictionary interprets creepy crawlies as bestioles, though I am rather taken with Terrifiante Rampante which is the answer a free translation website just fed back to me.

Last time, Polnareff declared himself King of the Ants, then had a change of heart and turned himself into a fly. Well we have some news for you Monsieur Polnareff, here comes Mister Tovey to usurp petit Michel. Frank Tovey aka Fad Gadget, beating his chest and beating his wings, preying on spiders, dive bombing colonies of ants, heading up his filthy cloud of evil, beady-eyed flies.

Fad Gadget – King of the Flies
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But what’s that looming out of the blood red sky? Huge clanking metal wings, glassy eyes and hydraulic legs.

The Magic Fly has timewarped out of the Space disco seventies to do battle with the King of the Flies, rockets firing up, it blasts straight into the vast black humming cloud. A million insects pelt and buzz the lumbering iron thorax, swarming the mirrored eyes turning them to an iridescent shimmering black. Lasers fry hairy little legs and singe tiny translucent wings – it’s raining flies, run for cover!

Space - Magic Fly
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Are you itching and scratching yet? Did you know, if a flea were scaled up to human size it would be able to jump over the Eiffel tower? That’s a scientific fact, apparently, and it’s also a topical fact for this here blog too [bonus points for yr scribe]. Back to regular sized fleas now:“Here come the fleas, they’re at your knees…” Yep, the circus is in town.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Marvel as they perform their feats and tricks to a White Noise electronic sound storm created by David Vorhaus, Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson

White Noise – Here Come The Fleas
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Back in 1967, the Kingsley’s beloved family dog was quarantined with a nasty infestation of the Spanish flea variety. Gershon Kingsley called upon his erstwhile collaborator Jean-Jacques Perrrey, and together they zapped those lice with a few volts of the old pioneering Moog-tronica. Those fleas they danced an urgent samba and fled the retriever’s shaggy coat.


Perrey & Kingsley – One Note Samba–Spanish Flea
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You know, once you get les puces, they spread all over the house – in the carpet, in your bed, sucking your blood when you’re fast asleep.
Tomorrow you’ll wake up feeling like you slept in a Parisian flea-pit, and you’ll be itching like mad.

Les Puces – Demain
[if anyone can find a copy of 'Girl Group Power- Histoires De Filles: Quebec 60's Go-Go Music', please let me know!]

That’s all for now, night-night children, don’t let the bed bugs bite.


Will Kane said...

"[if anyone can find a copy of 'Girl Group Power- Histoires De Filles: Quebec 60's Go-Go Music', please let me know!]"

Dom said...

Thanks Will, I meant a physical copy, I think I've managed to scrape together all the tracks on it as mp3s, I'd kind of like it on a physical format...

But I'll check the link to see if there's any I don't have.

cheers for reading.