Saturday, 31 October 2009

L’amour à trois

Some of you may have been lucky enough to see the sublimely chaotic Stereo Total at The Luminaire in London town on Thursday. If you did, you will also have been unlucky enough to witness my brief cameo during their set...

It certainly wasn't a planned appearance... And it was mighty strange being on a stage with nothing to do, so I grabbed Françoise's drum sticks and banged along Stray Cats-style on a bar stool. Then I accidentally hit her on the hand (oops), then all of a sudden I was the filling in a Brezel/Françoise mock-gang-bang sandwich.

Thankfully there doesn't yet appear to be any footage on t'internet, but this will give you a bit of an idea of how it was (awkward!?!)

If you go to the special 'superhits' section of the Stereo Total website you can download the song.

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