Sunday, 14 March 2010

Salut Les Copains

Salut mes copains,

I'm back from Nice with a few souvenirs (more on those in a later post). I spent my birthday there, and, thanks to Verity, I am now the very happy owner of the following:

The Salut Les Copains 3 DVD box-set - over 8 hours of live television footage of 60's French Pop, and some ace extras too - OUI! OUI! OUI!

We've watched all 3 and the extras, and, although we got a bit Johnny Hallyday-ed out, I can confirm they are most definitely super-fantastique!

Here is American faux-French brother/sister noiseniks Eux Autres' shouty tribute to the iconic yé-yé magazine
Eux Autres - Salut Les Copains
[buy Eux Autres from Eux Autres]

I also received a copy of Alain Pozzuoli's Dictionnaire Des Yé- Yés - which details all sorts of trivia on just about every French Yé- Yé star you could care to name - Just need to brush up on my French (a lot!) to make the most of it.

And I finally have my own copy of Anna, which had an official issue on DVD in France late last year - it comes as a 2-disc set with an extended version of the soundtrack album. Looking forward to trying to fathom the French subtitles later tonight.

Wasn't I a lucky birthday boy?

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