Friday, 4 November 2011

All I want for Christmas is...

The Melody Nelson 40th Anniversary box-set


Yep, Finders Keepers have got me salivating again.  This limited edition box-set will be available from 21st November for the princely sum of seventy-five pounds and forty-seven pence, and includes:

  • The original album on CD
  • A CD of alternative versions of the tracks
  • The original vinyl album
  • A vinyl album of bonus sessions from the time of recording
  • An exclusive 30-minute DVD documentary
  • A large-format 52-page book in English and French, including lyrics from the album


I shall be ordering my copy from Finders Keepers as soon as it becomes available, and you should order from them too (they need support having lost the majority of their stock in the PIAS warehouse fire in August)

Here's a little teaser for the documentary.

And we can only hope the Melody Nelson TV show will be included too!

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