Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Jesus is coming...

...look busy.

I was brought up a good Catholic schoolboy, and as a result I associate this time of year with going to church. A lot. (4 times in 1 week!?!)

The Easter story was preached at me from an early age.  I'm sure you all know it: Jesus died on a cross on Friday, and then a couple of days later he hatched out of a giant egg in a bunny-rabbit suit, in accordance with the capitalist script. At least I think that's how it goes...

But where's he been since he came last Easter, and why hasn't he called or sent an email? Well, SURPRISE SURPRISE, he's ditched the bunny suit and he's here today and what's more he's made a dark&freaky, skronking-sax inverse Pop record* with a little help from his psychédélique disciple Jean-Pierre Massiera.

Jésus - L'Electrocuté
[buy Jésus on Midnight Massiera from Finders Keepers & on WIZZZ! Vol. 2 from Born Bad Records]

*voiced by Marc Roland/Rolland

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