Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Eeeee, I've got a right little belter for ya! Get ready to put on yr best poker face, here comes Larry Gréco?

Larry's exhumed the tub-thumping ghost of Gene Krupa (who wasn't even dead at time of recording!) and roped in some raucous yackety-sax and bold-as brass to back him up, and he means BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!

Get yr dancing socks on, it's frug time!

Larry Gréco - Comme Au Poker
[again, you can buy this re-issued on the monumental Disques Motors 3-disc boxset]

Afterthought: I always thought this was a blinding cover of You've Got What I Want - a gutsy non-hit  by snotty 60s R&B combo The Sorrows' (watch a viciously vital live video here >>>). But a bit of rooting around suggests maybe not: Larry's version came out in 65, The Sorrows was released in 66 = You do the maths.

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