Friday, 12 July 2013

Ripping Vinyl - Karo

Would Madame et Monsieur care for a little vinyl warmth to start le weekend? How about a double-serving of pure, unadulterated Québécoise sweetness by Karo, on the Trans-Canada Vedettes imprint?

You French pop fans will probably know Karo (real name Caroline Vallée), for her sugar-y 60s HIT 'Un Garçon En Mini-Jupe' (what was it back then with all those boys with long hair and mini-skirts and girls with short hair in trousers?). What you may not know is that she penned the music and lyrics to most of her songs, which certainly wasn't the norm for most female pop artistes back then. These two being perfect examples of her oeuvre, encapsulating an, undoubtedly rose-tinted and very saccharine, world view.

Here she is in double-vision with her ever-present smile and schoolgirl bunches:

And here she is oiling up her motorbike, though possibly not getting ready to join the Ton-Up Club...

...As this evidence suggests...

Could anyone make the prospect of riding pillion with a roaring motorcycle between your legs sound quite so twee as Karo does? "VRROOM! VRROOOOOM!" She squeals as she wraps her arms around her leather-clad beau and they race off down the Route TransCanadienne.

Karo - Sur Ta Moto

On the flip-side, Karo hauls a gang of school kids in and together they summon up the joyful sound of going away on summer holiday (and not a Cliff in sight!). It's absolutely brimful of sunshine and happiness, and then she slips in a key-change and the cup of glee runneth over.

Altogether now, everybody cheer: "HEYYYYYY!"

Karo - Je M'en Vais En Vacances

[you can download a compilation of Karo's 60s material Un Garçon En Mini-Jupe from 7digital or If you'd like to buy the 45, there's one in the US on musicstack, a snip at £22.37.]

I have a couple more Karo 45s hanging around, so if you like these songs and want to hear more from her, leave nice comments and it will encourage me to dig them out.


Dom said...

For anyone who's had trouble getting the audio/download to work on this post, I've now fixed it.

If it goes again, please let me know.

mordi said...

oh cute! thanks for posting!

Dom said...

thanks for stopping by Mordi, thought you might like this one - very Sacre Charlemagne-era France Gall, I reckon.

Anonymous said...

This is great! Hoping this is enough of a nice comment to maybe warrant some more rips :) Being French-Canadian it's pretty fun to hear so yé-yé out of Québec every once in a while. Anyway thansks for these.


Dom said...

Thank you Emma. I'm pleased you enjoyed this little slice of Karo. I have a nice little collection of 60s Quebecois stuff on vinyl, and I'd love to share some of it...

I just need a bit of spare time to do the business. If anyone has some spare time they can lend me, it'd be hugely appreciated!