Thursday, 24 April 2008

Georges day

We’re not particularly patriotic ‘round here…

But we couldn’t go through St George’s Day without paying tribute to San Giorgio

So as you probably know he invented electro-disco and gave Donna Summer a helping hand with some dirty arpeggiator action on ‘I Feel Love’. He also produced 2 classic albums for Sparks and recorded countless film soundtracks including the ‘Electric Dreams’ OST with Mister Phillip Oakey, which spawned the cheesy synth-pop anthem ‘Together in Electric Dreams’. If you’ve not heard the ‘Electric Dreams’ soundtrack, surprise Verity and request it at L’Amour Electronique on Saturday… ;-}.

Moroder even created a Supercar, in between producing some sleek 70’s electro-disco himself...

Giorgio Moroder – Utopia–Me Giorgio

Something I just discovered on the interweb: Moroder co-wrote (with Michael Holm) a couple of German language hits for France Gall, including this bit of bubblegum from 1970:

France Gall - Mein Herz kann man nicht kaufen

And now, here’s an informative promotional film about the man

BONUS Georges
Yes it’s our favourite, now defunct, Georges from Montreal. We miss you Poney, Bobo & Mingo.

First a slow-burning hammer horror post-punk rattler from their first LP ‘Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou’.

Les Georges Leningrad – Georges V

And here’s a film capturing some live antics:
Les Georges Leningrad – Ennio Morricone

Happy Georges Day

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