Friday, 25 April 2008

Soirée this weekend

The next L’Amour Electronique takes place this Saturday at The Penthouse (above The Freebutt), Phoenix Place, Brighton. Join us between 8pm and 1am. Entry is Free. Do come, we will miss you otherwise.

See previous post 22 MARCH 2008 – Setlist and Podcast for a free mix we did last month.
The flyer tells you more…

And here’s a short film Verity made last month
Serge Gainsbourg/Grotesque Animal

This post is dedicated to our poorly-sick Roland ProMars synth, which is now in the capable hands of James at Synth Repair Services.

Fat Truckers – Fix It

The ProMars has led an exciting life. Before joining the Miss Pain arsenal, he was in the service of Billy Mackenzie’s younger brother, who gave him all sorts of weird and wonderful noises to make. That’s a fact, fact fans.

Get well soon ProMars.


steve said...

james will fix it good, he is officially a hero with the old crotchety synthesisers.

Miss Pain said...

James has certainly never let us down before... So we have no worries about entrusting him with the Promars' "yearly service".
Thanks for reading Steve.