Monday, 17 November 2008

Ssssssh! Quiet in the stacks please…

Hold tight! Here comes a shameless plug.

Today sees the release of Miss Pain’s latest record Shelf-Location ROM / Kiss Cuddle Torture. It's released by Nylon! Friction! and it’s quite good, you know.

It comes pressed onto 2 sides of a crisp vinyl biscuit measuring seven inches in diameter and limited to a mere 500 copies. Or, if you are hip with the times, there is a more profuse, yet slightly elusive mp3 version that you can have but not hold, this includes 6 bonus remixes from the likes of:

Tony Tronic (UK) – slick dance-floor friendly synth-disco
MC Fashion (UK) – a hyperactive 8-bit gabba meltdown
Kemper Norton (UK) – kraut-rock musique concrete
Katsen (UK) – pure and perfect 8-bit electro-pop (Germany) – darkwave trancefloor goth-Soft-Cell disco
Hawnay Troof (USA) – camped-up hi-NRG Euro disco

You can listen to all 8 tracks here!
You can buy the seven-inch here!
You can buy mp3s on iTunes here!

Since the library is the scenario for one of the songs (Shelf-Location ROM is, of course, where you will find the romance novels), let’s celebrate with a couple more library and book related pieces of music:

It’s Cursor Miner with a jaunty little paean to the wonders of the public library, it always makes me think of all those short informational films they used to show in the middle of Play School in the eighties (shots of cans trundling round the conveyer belts in the baked-bean factory set to a sprightly Radiophonic Workshop tune).

Knowledge is power, and there’s a lot of knowledge to be had down the library. And as if that isn’t enough, Mister Miner reminds us that: “The library, the library, it’s the place where books are free”. Unless, that is, you borrow one and don’t return it – then you’ll get a hefty fine, an admin charge, and you’ll have to refund the cost of a replacement book. Make sure you get your books back on time kids!

Cursor Miner – Library

And now, we Broadcast some shuffling electronic/harpsichord dreaminess for all you book lovers out there – I’d forgotten quite how strange and beautiful this one is:

Broadcast – The Book Lovers

Bonus edition:
Here’s a lo-fi version of Shelf-Location ROM recorded purely with battery-powered instruments live on Radio Reverb last October. Mmmm, tinny…

Miss Pain – Shelf-Location ROM (battery-powered – live on Radio Reverb)


John said...

Like the live version of Shelf-location ROM. What instruments did you use?

Miss Pain said...

Hi John, thanks for reading and listening.

The instruments we used were all battery-powered -
A Stylophone 350s (it's like a giant twin-stylus stylophone, you can hear it burbling away in the background;
a Casio VL-Tone for the drums;
and a guitar through a tinny little battery-powered amp.

It's our version of doing 'unplugged'.