Sunday, 2 November 2008

SETLIST from 23 AUGUST 2008 (+ mp3s)

There were technical issues with the recording equipment and so there is no podcast this time. Instead, we've picked one mp3 each - they're at the end of the post...

The Chap – Baby I’m Hurtin’
Visage – Damned Don’t Cry
Baxendale – Battery Acid
Japan – Quiet Life
Human League – Almost Medieval
Serge Gainsbourg – Chez Les Yé-Yé
Christie Laume - L'Adorable Femmes Des Neiges
Fad Gadget – Love Parasite

LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends
Boy from Brazil – Pocket Rocket Queen
Serge Gainsbourg – Ford Mustang
Michel Polnareff – Tout Tout Pour Ma Cherie
Les Georges Leningrad – Missing Gary
Les Papyvores – Psychédelic Badge
Electronic Movements – Syncopation
Golden Boy and Miss Kittin – Rippin Kittin
Stereo Total – In / Out
John Foxx – New Kind of Man
Men Without Hats – Safety Dance
Jacques Dutronc – Les Playboys
Jeff Wayne – The Fighting Machine
Air – Playground Love (Highschool Prom Mix)
Kraftwerk – Antenna
Air and Françoise Hardy – Jeanne
OMD - Souvenir
Magnetic Fields – With Whom to Dance

The Knife – Rock Classics
Simon Bookish – Portrait of the Artist as a Fountain
Kid Carpet – I Don’t Want to Fall in Love With You
Noisy Pig ft Baby Donut – Wrong Time Capsule
Dauerfisch – Endlich Vögeln
Anne Kern – Oh! Seigneur, Ecoute ma Prière
France Gall – Pense a Moi
Brigitte Bardot – Everybody Loves My Baby
Sylvie Vartan – Koibito Jidai
Plastic Bertrand – C’est Le Rock ‘N’ Roll

Frank Alamo – Ma Biche
Françoise Hardy – Le Temps de L’Amour
Cats in Paris – Loose Tooth Tactile
Ladyhawke – Paris S’enflamme
John Baker / BBC Radiophonic Workship – Brio
[French Language]
John et Jehn – 20L07
Nancy Holloway – Tu N’es Pas Venu
Gabriel Yared – La Poubelle Cuisine (Betty Blue OST)
Adèle – C’est Bon
Jina Miko – Dum Dum
Polnareff – Dans La Maison Vide

OMD – Enola Gay
Eurythmics – Tous Les Garçons
Experimental Pop Band – Punk Rock Classic
Mareva – Les Cornichons
Sparks – Beat the Clock
Marie Möör – Pretty Dry
France Gall – C’est Air La
Stereolab – Wow and Flutter
Serge Gainsbourg – Marilu

Stereo Total – Komplex Mit Dem Sex
Add N to (X) – Iron Man
Quintron and Miss Pussycat – Swamp Buggy Badass
50 Centime – In Da Club
Sparks – Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
Neil Young – Sample and Hold
Devo – Too Much Paranoias
Brigitte Bardot – Contact
Ananda Shankar - Back Home /
[French Language] /
Jiri Bezant / Jiri Malasek – Erotica /
Henri Salvador – Beta Gamma, L’Ordinateur
Nino Nardini – Catch That Man
Kap Bambino – New Breath
Jacques Dutronc – L’Amour A La Chaine

Future Bible Heroes – I’m a Vampire
Heaven 17 – Temptation
Comix – Touche Pas Mon Sexe
New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle
Add N to (X) – FYUZ
Neon Neon – I Told Her on Alderan

The Associates – Club Country
Denim – Brumburger
Les Roches Martins – Les Mains Les Poches

Les Dandy’s – Amour et Mariage
Françoise Hardy – Je Pense a Lui
Brezel Göring – Ich Bin So Süchtig (mit Christiane F)
Mareva – Pourquoi Pas Moi
Simon Bookish – Terry Riley Disco
Joceleyne – Nitty Gritty

Ria Bartok – J’y Pense Tout Bas
Bis – Eurodisco
Stazi – Your Love is Lethal

Chantal Kelly - Notre Prof’ d’Anglais
Michel Polnareff – La Mouche

Magnetic Fields – I thought you were my boyfriend
Les Shades – Orage Mechanique
Plastic Bertrand – Ca Plane Pour Moi

Polysics – Kaja Kaja Goo
Françoise Hardy – Je Changerais d’Avis

Verity's mp3 choice
Comix – Touche Pas Mon Sexe
Dominic's mp3 choice
Gabriel Yared – La Poubelle Cuisine (Betty Blue OST)
Sarah's mp3 choice
Anne Kern – Oh! Seigneur, Ecoute ma Prière


Stretch said...

I'm new to your blog and I must say I like what I see and hear. Nice blog!!!

Miss Pain said...

Hi Stretch, thanks for your comment, glad you like what we're doing. Make sure you come by again soon.
Miss Pain x