Monday, 16 March 2009

Time for a Sugar Buzz

When I was about 15, Chupa Chups tried to launch their lollipops on an unsuspecting British public with a ropily dubbed European advert. It opened with an inherently un-cool teenage girl yelping “CHUPA CHUPS!” Then let rip with this ultra cheesy Europop tune which informed us all that: “Chupa Chups is the lollipop that’s fun… Seven delicious flavours for everyone…” Or something like that.

The result: rather than becoming a well-regarded boiled-sweet treat, the Chupa Chup lolly hit it small-time as the ironic sweet du jour.

Which brings us to this charming little ode to sweets on sticks:
MadetMoiselle have crafted a sugary piece of pop confectionary with more than a knowing wink to Mlles Gall and Birkin. It has this cutesy vocal that sounds like a Japanese schoolgirl singing in broken French, and is buttoned down with some tight-stepping bubblegum bass. Throw in a generous slug of kitsch Hammond organ, spike it with a line of bittersweet Electric Prunes-style guitar, then add a perfectly wayward bit of synth noise – Et Voila! Belgian Candy Pop that leaves your tastebuds tingling and craving for more.

MadetMoiselle – Chupa Chups
[I can't find any MadetMoiselle goodies at all - maybe you could go and ask them nicely at their MySpace]

Look out! It’s delinquent girl/girl duo Electrocute and they’ve been raiding the tuck-shop again.

Let’s all stuff our faces with marshmallows and Berliners and get sticky to the electro-rumble of their trashy beats ’n’ guitar twang. The fruit salad lightshow and sherbet fountain mist has got me shakin' all over. WHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! And we all fall down and giggle ‘til we’re sick.

Electrocute - Sugar Buzz
[buy Electrocute: iTunes | Amazon]

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