Thursday, 14 October 2010

French Radio London

Verity heard about this a couple of months ago...

Looks like good news for all London's French speakers and Francophiles. French Radio London (the capital's first French language station) has secured a DAB digital radio license and will launch towards the end of the year. Pascal Grierson, who set up the station, explains the music policy:
"French radio has a 40 per cent [French music] quota; we want to impose an 80 per cent quota here. We will not ignore English-language music but we want to give our listeners something they will remember from their childhood."
You can stream an hour long teaser podcast from the website (signs are good: the playlist includes Serge Gainsbourg, Francoise Hardy, Brigitte Bardot and Juliette Greco, alongside some more modern French music).  And for those of us outside the capital, FRL will also be available online and via mobile apps.

We'll keep you posted if we hear any more...

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