Friday, 15 October 2010

Love Is Amour In French

I'll be honest, I'm not the most prolific blogger on the internet, so it probably doesn't surprise any of the (6) readers of this blog that the posts have been a bit sporadic of late.

My excuse: I've been busy elsewhere, making paintings and showing them in my first solo exhibition.  Here's a painting that should appeal to L'Amour Electronique followers:

The exhibition is finished now, but there are photos and a short video tour on my other blog Confessions of a Wednesday Painter, if you are interested in seeing more...

Enough shameless plugging.  Train-spotters might like to know that the title/subject matter for that painting was borrowed from this mildly cheesy slice of late 70s Franco-English Canadian disco (dig the Jeff Wayne-style orchestration and that melody so brazenly lifted from Chopin/Jane B).

Anne Marie - Love Is Amour In French

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