Saturday, 29 January 2011

Girls in the Garage volume 12 (bonus)

Pssssst!  Remember I had an advance mp3 version of Girls in the Garage volume 12?  And remember there was one track that was included on the vinyl version but not listed on the sleeve (Les Emeraudes - see comments on the previous post).

Well, the mp3s had 2 more songs tagged onto the end, and these are they:
(the Annie Girardot has quite a violent fade on the end - but that's the way it is.)

16. Célia - Il n'y pas que toi
17. Annie Girardot - La femme faux cils
[Girls in the Garage volume 12 is released on Saperlipopette in Europe and Dionysus Records in the US. You can order it direct from them or from | |]

Does anyone know anything about these 2 mystery tracks?


aod said...

If I watch the link

Annie Girardot seems not to be on this record...

Dom said...

Yes, these 2 songs are extra tracks I was sent by Sasha Monett who compiled the album. They are songs that were selected but weren't included on the final vinyl version.

Thanks for your comment

Dom said...

Thanks to Romain at Swingin' Mademoiselles on facebook [link below] for this info about the Annie Girardot track:

‎"La femme faux-cils" paroles de Dabadie et musique de Polanareff. Annie Girardot l'interprète dans le film "Erotissimo".

Cela dit elle l'a également chanté à la TV dans "Sur la pointe des pieds" (le 12 février 1969).
La chanson est entière et non coupée brusquement comme dans le film mais c'est une version un peu différente, plus lente. Moins bien que la version film.

now my French is very poor, but according to the helpful Google Translate, it says:
"La femme faux-cils" words and music by Polanareff /Dabadie. Annie Girardot performer in the film "Erotissimo".

That said she also sang on TV in "on tiptoe" (February 12, 1969).
The song is full and uncut suddenly like in the movie but it's a version a little different, slower. Worse than the movie version.

Swingin' Mademoiselles facebook link: