Monday, 17 January 2011

Trish Keenan R.I.P.

We heard the truly sad news that Trish Keenan, singer in Broadcast, passed away last Friday.

We have been big fans of Broadcast and their beautiful and spooky psych/jazz/kraut analogue electronica since their earliest records. A bright star has gone out...


Dom said...

Fans of Trish and Broadcast might be interested to hear a mix-tape she made for a friend late last year.

Trish's 'Mind Bending Motorway mix' is currently spreading throughout the internet. Read the back-story here:

download it


spikedcandy said...

Thank you for this lovely post. It's such a sad loss. I had the chance to meet her in early December, and it was an incredible experience. She was so nice and down to earth and interesting. I am mourning the loss of a favourite musician as well as someone who brightened my world immensely in a relatively brief encounter. The mix she made is amazing. I just bought the Mandy More CD because of it ;). - Christine

Dom said...

Hi Christine, yes it was terrible news. It seems to have affected a hell of a lot of people, including many of our friends who knew her here in the UK.

It's nice that you got to meet her, and that she made such an immense impression in that brief moment.

She has left behind some beautiful and amazing music for us all.