Friday, 21 October 2011

French rarities on the radio TONIGHT

news reaches us that there is une gâterie érotique in store at midnight on BBC 6music, when Andy Votel (Finders Keepers Records) joins Stuart Maconie on thee Freakier Zone...

Andy Votel And The Music Of French Eroticism

Listen :


Tomorrow00:00 on BBC 6 Music


A 60 minute compendium of audio gloop, hosted by King of Freaks, Stuart Maconie, plus every week a special guest presenting a skewed example of weird music. This is the boiled-down peculiar little brother to Sunday's Freak Zone.
This week, record collector Andy Votel uncovers the true story behind Melody Nelson, Serge Gainsborg's peculiar concept album and plays tracks from the genre of French eroticism... ooh err!

You can now 'listen again' on the iPlayer (available until 11.59pm on Friday 28th October)
[see comments for more info about the programme]


Dominic Bradnum said...

apparently he's going to play an unreleased track from the Melody Nelson sessions...

Dominic Bradnum said...

Brief synopsis:
Andy Votel had selected a few songs which were heavily influenced by Melody Nelson.

First up we got a Gainsbourg Martini advert based around 'Valse De Melody', followed by the psyche-poetry of Uta's 'Baudelaire'. Another treat was a Guy Bonnet track 'Mr Nabukov' produced by Karl-Heinz Schafer and featuring a vocal which might possibly be Leonie!

He also tantalised with news of a Melody Nelson box-set due in November which includes a DVD, rare documentary photos, extended versions and a couple of unreleased tracks from the sessions. He finished with one of the unreleased tracks about Melody meeting Babar the Elephant. Great stuff!

spikedcandy said...

Darn, I missed this and it sounds like it was amazing. Did you happen to record it?

Dom said...

hello spikedcandy,

Afraid I didn't record it :(.

However, have just been rooting around on the internet and there is a podcast of the programme here:
[Not sure if it's the whole thing but should give you a flavour]

Also the tracklisting for the programme is here:


spikedcandy said...

Thank you, Dom. I think the podcasts are usually sans music, but it should still be an interesting listen.

Dom said...

Yes, just listened to it myself, you get all the fun of the 2 of them struggling to pronounce various French names and just a hint of the music.