Friday, 1 June 2012

France Gall's Baby Pop

I noticed with joy on the last Ready Steady Girls mailout that there's a new France Gall comp coming out. Made In France: France Gall's Baby Pop is released this Monday 4th June on the always-dependable RPM records and collects together all of her Gainsbourg penned output recorded for Phillips between 1963 and 1968.

Aside from the classics, there are a few titles which are new to me (Rue de l'abricot, Mon Bateau de Nuit, Quand on est ensemble, Tu n'as pas le droit...), and it's good to have a proper release of her version of Bloody Jack and Poupée De Cire... in Japanese too!

If you want to start your France Gall collection, buy it!  If you have a France Gall collection, buy it, there must be something you don't already have! If you hate France Gall, why are you still reading, go buy it too, you might be surprised by the sugary audio confections within!

You can buy Made In France: France Gall's Baby Pop direct from RPM/Cherry Red.

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