Friday, 29 June 2012

...meanwhile, back in 1982

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past month, I've been stuck in 1982* after listening to Scraps' ode to the lovelorn computers and robots whose affections went unrequited in all those archetypal films of the 80s like Electric Dreams.

The song really reminds of me of the kind of twisted electronic pop that tender pervert Momus used to put out, and also of Transformer Di Roboter's song for Bob Ross, hero of amateur painters everywhere. Dig that painfully hip low-rent video style too!

You can visit Scraps at her BandCamp page, where you can listen to and buy her album on all digital formats under the sun - 11 songs of lo-fidelity, shuffling Casio pop with titles like Simple Minds and Devo and Owl Power and Pet Mess.  You may also be able to buy a seven-inch if you ask her nicely.

* Actually I've had a super busy month doing all sorts of things like working&seeingrelatives&painting&havingaclearoutofthegroaningmountainoftatthatwasthreateningtoburyL'AmourElectroniqueHQ.


Anonymous said...

Transformer di Roboter's Bob Ross song is so cool OMG! Even if its hip and hipness annoys the shit out of me this is totally amazing, with or without the video!

Anonymous said...

amazing Transformer di Roboter, yalla! Hip as hel but sooo cool OMG!

Dom said...

Nice to hear from 2 fans of Transformer di Roboter, or maybe 1 over-zealous one! Thank you for both the comments, hope you liked Scraps just a small percentage of how much you seem to like TdiR!

note to self: post some Transformer di Roboter.