Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Chantal Kelly interviewed!

Ooh look!  A marvellous and fascinating interview with another star of the yé-yé era - Chantal Kelly -  courtesy of the Bedazzled and the Swingin' Mademoiselles facebook page.

Some great little anecdotes about how France Gall "stole" Bébé Requin from her, hiding from Juliette Greco, hanging out at the Drugstore Publicis with the French Minets, advertising Phillips cassette players, and dancing "The Jerk"...

Read the full interview with Chantal Kelly at Bedazzled or Swingin' Mademoiselles
(the Bedazzled link has some great unseen videos too!)

Here is the eerie lead track from Chantal's debut ep, its, Claude Bolling-arranged, tribal rhythms and wailing melody tapping in to a native American-Indian seam of exotica untouched by other songs of the time.

Chantal Kelly - Caribou*
[this track was never re-issued, but you can buy Chantal Kelly from]

*As far as I remember I originally found this via the, now sadly defunct(?), Spiked Candy blog

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