Friday, 16 March 2012

Do You Know The Beast?

Anyone who downloaded my halloween mixtape 'Quelle Horreur vol.1' will know my views on Évariste and his track 'Connais-Tu L'Animal Qui Inventa Le Calcul Intégral?' which, I've said on many occasions, is quite possibly THE scariest piece of music I've come across.

Well, this came in the post last week: a vinyl re-issue of all of the output from the man known to his mother as Joël Sternheimer, who took his pseudonym from a 19th century French mathematician and politial firebrand, and is now regarded by many fans of pysche and garage music as the French answer to Kim Fowley.

Doctor in Theroretical Physics, mathematician and unlikely dabbler in yé-yé... Here we find Évariste doing his best unhinged-muppet impression and enlisting a legion of teenie-bopping girls to scream in adoration for him. May the freakbeat be with you.

Évariste - Évariste Aux Fans
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