Friday, 30 March 2012

un petit peu de Gillian Hills

Since firing off my last post, there's been this little nagging voice in my head going "FerGawd'sSakeMan,JustGive'emWhatTheyWant", and since what the majority of our visitors want this week is the lovely Miss Hills, I now give to you un petit peu de Gillian Hills.

Beginning with the song everyone's talking about, as covered in that opening episode of Mad Men season 2.

Gillian Hills - Zou Bisou Bisou

Next, it's time to stop traffic the Gillian Hills way, here she comes doing the Cha Cha along the central reservation

Gillian Hills - Cha Cha Stop

One of my fave Gillian songs now, and I ain't lying - a proper yé-yé groover which is so yé-yé that April March covered it on her Paris in April yé-yé tribute album.

Gillian Hills - Tu Mens

This next one will get all the boys (and most of the girls) fawning over our Gillian *puff puff*

Gillian Hills - Ma Première Cigarette

and if you don't believe me check out the video

And finally, penned by Gillian herself, this beautifully baroque and Françoise Hardy-esque little gem from her last ep.

Gillian Hills - Rien N'est Changé

If you hurry, you may also find a song in our L'Amour à la Chaîne thread, and there's another featured in one of our mixtapes.

Gillian Hills: Beat Girl, Blow Up doll, ice lolly-sucking devotchka and all-round Swinging Mademoiselle, we salute you!

If you enjoyed this little introduction to the music of Gillian Hills, I can highly recommend the Twistin' The Rock compilation which, although hard to find as a physical CD, is available here, here and here among other places

And if you want to delve deeper into the world of Gillian, I suggest you start by visiting her at her personal website, where she relates her own story and guides you through her music, acting and modelling careers, as well as showing off her poetry and illustrations.

After that, you could check out Cha Cha Charming's profile of Gillian which focusses on her musical output, and then move on to the Ready Steady Girls site for a biog and audio clips.


Aug Stone said...

Nice. I love Gillian Hills. Been meaning to do a post on her myself over at First Kiss Lips. My favourites of hers are Tut Tut Tut Tut (Busy Signal), played that when I DJ'd last week, and Rentre Sans Moi.

Nice to meet you last night. Enjoyed the little of Tonight We Fly I was at.


Dom said...

Thanks Aug, it was good to meet you too, and thanks for the CD - have already given it a couple of listens!

Yes Tut, Tut, Tut, Tut is great, as is her Zombie's cover Rentre Sans Moi (mp3 posted here Gillian fans:

Will check out yr blog when I have a minute and stick up a link too.