Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ripping Vinyl - France Gall

I promised a France Gall vinyl rip, so here are 2 songs that were not included on the Made In France compilation, but date from the same era.

I warn you now, despite successive attempts at cleaning this record, the tracks are still rather crackly (hence my decision not to post the other 2 tracks which are both readily available on various FG compilations already). If any readers out there are any good at removing hiss and crackle from audio files, and fancy trying to clean them up, drop me a line and I'd be happy to share the masters.

Right, onto business!

Le Premier Chagrin D'Amour is a gentle number co-written by France's papa, with some easy-listening brass that Mr. Bacharach himself would have been proud of.  Okay, it's not her catchiest song, but it's not just vinyl-filler either.

On T'Avait Prévenue finds France crammed into the vocal booth with a gang of menacing sounding school-friends. Yep, we're back in altogether more yé-yé territory. I really can't understand why this hasn't appeared on any re-issues, its catchy, bouncy, jangly, cute, there's some tasty guitar licks, and Alain Goraguer is at the helm: surely all things that make a bonafide French 60s pop hit?

France Gall - Le Premier Chagrin D'Amour

France Gall - On T'Avait Prévenue

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