Wednesday, 8 August 2012

the Addict on the box

An abridged version of this advert may have caught yr eyes and ears on the telly lately: heavily influenced by Roger Vadim's Et Dieu... Créa La Femme, and with assorted Nouvelle Vague references thrown in (the Madison scene from Bande à Part, and Umbrellas of Cherbourg, anyone?), plus music by our fave Franco-German lo-fi/punk/rockabilly/8-bit/electronic pop/trash duo Stereo Total. Even for someone who finds the whole "perfume thing" over-rated, over-expensive, throat stinging and eye-watering, the Dior Addict advert is a visual and aural treat*

It's not the first time Stereo Total's I Love You, Ono has been used in an advert, and we hope that Plastics get a little cut of the royalties on each and every play, for it was they who wrote the song.

[If anyone out there has any music by Plastics, we would love to hear it - get in touch.]

*trust me, you absolutely will not see me heading for the nearest perfume counter.


Darby said...

Lots of eye candy, stunning clip. And I like your description of the whole "perfume-thing" :)

Dom said...

Thanks for the comment Darby!

If ever I have to go to a department store, I always hold my breath as I speed through the perfume section, which they always cunningly place at the entrance. (sadly I never have enough breath held to make it through and end up choking on the acrid scent)