Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Space is the place

I've been meaning to post this song for a couple of months, and with the news that one of the original astro-heroes Neil Armstrong died this week, it's given me half an excuse...

I think I probably first heard it at the ace Da Doo Ron Ron club, and I had to email Chris the DJ the next day to find out what the hell that French femme version of Peter Thomas' Space Patrol was. When I eventually tracked it down it was every bit as good as I remembered, even away from the sweaty fug and blistering noise of a tiny backroom club.

So enjoy Commando Spatial, and when you next look up at the moon give Neil a wink, as his family has requested...

Virginie Rodin - Commando Spatial
[you can now buy this on the Femmes De Paris edition speciale box set]

And here's the original Peter Thomas Sound Orchester version - a retro-futurist wet dream...


Anonymous said...

Very cool post, thanks also for the edwige ophelia track you donated to mordi's site, twas most kind... said track has been known to make grown men cry ! so really must thank you for that :)

also i'm really digging darker more melancholy french songs at the moment, stuff like
Michel Polnareff ~ Le Bal Des Laze
Barbara - L'Aigle Noir
Andre Popp - Ophelia
Véronique Sanson-Amoureuse
Catherine Lara - L'hiver

love to get some more ideas for that kinda thing


Dom said...

Thanks Sam, and no probs on sharing the Edwige track...
I'll have a think about some more melancholic tunes to post in the near future, in the meantime, I reckon you might enjoy the Ewa Swann tracks I posted recently.