Sunday, 14 February 2010

Can you hear the beat of my heart?*

Poor Annie Philippe, she was terribly worried about her palpitations. So worried that she went to the doctor for a check up:
“Monsieur, I’m terribly concerned about these curious sounds coming from deep within my heaving bosom.”
She flinched at the first touch of the cold stethoscope.
The doctor listened intently:
“Well goodness gracious me!”

Annie Philippe - Tchakaboum (Mon Coeur Fait Tchakaboum)
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Petula can certainly feel the beat of her heart. She can hear the BOOM, like the rhythm of a train, like a thousand drums... uh-oh, there it goes again... I’d stay away from your beau if I were you Pet, or you’ll end up having a Eurovision heart attack like that Minuouche Barelli did.

Petula Clark - Le Coeur Qui Bat
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My biggest concern is for fälschung siamese-twin/maker of fizzy 8-bit disturbo-pop Raüberhöle. You see her/their heart is beeping some pretty noisy bleeps and those noisy little bleeps keep making her/them come over all Lene Lovich “Eh! Oooh! Eeh! Ooh!”

Raüberhöle - My Heart Bleeps Noisy Beeps
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[*the post title is a reference to/paraphrasal of this]

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