Sunday, 7 February 2010

Nice things

No, not nice things, Nice things. I'm going to Nice for a few days.

Does anyone out there have any tips for
1. good record shops that sell old vinyl
2. good bars and vegetarian restaurants
3. good second-hand shops/flea markets
4. other good stuff/things to do.

I've given up trying to search because all I get is millions of results for "nice" things as opposed to "Nice" things.

You can leave comments or email me: lamourelectronique[at]
Thanks in advance


John said...

flea market was on Monday at the flower market when I was there a few years ago.

Make sure you go to Fennochio's for about 200 flavours of ice-cream, including beer and tomato & basil!!!

Oh and avoid Wayne's bar - unless you fancy "Porn party" on Wednesday...

Dom said...

Thanks for the tips John. I'll be there on a monday, so hopefully the flea market still takes place then.

Ice cream is always good, though not sure if I'll be trying either of those flavours.

As for Wayne's bar, I'm still trying to find a decent place to go out, but I suspect Wayne's bar may not be my scene.

merci, Domx