Sunday, 7 February 2010


Let's face it, the vast majority of people who make their new year resolutions at the start of January will be well and truly off their respective wagons by now, rendering the whole charade a little futile. I've never been much good at keeping them myself - in fact the only one I can seriously remember upholding was my 2006 vow to give up my job before the year was out. Eight months later I escaped the shackles of full-time employment, and I've been skint but happy ever since.

This year I thought I should try and post more music here on L'Amour Electronique. A resolution which was somewhat at odds with last years not-so-successful plan to spend less time on my computer. In the first week of January my computer had to be taken in for some repairs to stop big blocks of white obscuring the display. It was gone for over 2 weeks, which was enough time to get me used to a life sans ordinateur. Yes, I denounced the teachings of Kraftwerk, I fell out of love with computer.

My plan is to make more posts, but to be a bit less elaborate with them. 2010 will be the year of the more prolific/less verbose L'Amour Electronique.

On the subject of New Year's resolutions, any red-blooded males out there trying to give up the smokes, I suggest you look away now.

You see Miss Hills has been hanging out with that bad boy Jimmy. She's only sweet sixteen and he's her little champion, taking her behind the bike-sheds for that quintessentially 50's/ 60's rite of passage. We tried to warn her, Jimmy's nothing but a bad influence, she'll be rolling round naked with Jane Birkin before you know it.

*puff* *puff*

Gillian Hills - Ma Première Cigarette
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