Sunday, 27 May 2012

Le Coeur Fou

This was a new discovery, and something of an uncharted gem, if you ask me.  Italian-born softcore actress Ewa Swann gives an achingly breathy vocal performance on this, her only record,  released in 1970: from the soundtrack to the Jean-Gabriel Albicocco film in which she stars as Clo the "psychotic pyromaniac".

Judging from this synopsis, the film is a typically French affair, dealing with adultery, madness and doomed love...
"A struggling, middle aged entertainment journalist falls for a 20 year old psychotic pyromaniac. He meets the young woman when he goes to interview his ex-wife, a prominent actress in a mental institution. After the interview, the young woman sets fire to the institution after she overhears the conversation. Escaping to the woods, the reporter finds her and falls in love. The two decide to live in the forest in a lean-to, and they start their affair of burning passion while she continues her passionate burning. Soon the police arrive to take the disturbed woman away. The incident leaves the man on the verge of suicide out of loss and longing for his new love."

Now take a look at the back cover, and you see the immortal tag line "direction musical et arrangements: Jean-Claude Vannier" an almost certain stamp of quality.  And in this instance, I'm pleased to say that J-C does not disappoint.

Don't know about you, but, for me, it brings to mind a more twisted version of the Lullaby from Rosemary's Baby sung breathlessly by a Lolita-esque Jane Birkin/Léonie impersonator.

Ewa Swann - Le Coeur Fou
[if you would like to buy the vinyl 45 be prepared to pay a handsome sum via or groovecollector]


mordi said...

oh la la! you know i like!

great voice - and i agree, very rosemarys baby.

j.c. certainly had an ear for the dolls

Dom said...

glad you enjoyed it Mordi. Do you reckon Vannier had a bit of a lolita-complex back in the 70s, or maybe it was just the Melody Nelson effect?

The flipside is pretty good too, by the way - I can post it if anyone out there wants to hear it... I await readers comments...

Guuzbourg said...

Ooh, thanks for this! And yes please, do post the flipside!

Dom said...

glad you liked it too Guuzbourg. Not got much time at the moment, but will try and get round to posting the other track by the end of the week if I can.