Thursday, 31 May 2012

We all scream for Ice Cream

Apparently it is National Ice Cream Week (28th May-3rd June 2012*).  I wonder if they asked Polnareff to take part, he did once claim to have been born in an ice cream - here he is, in his trademark sunglasses and naked as the day he was born (except for his grandma's hat)...

Watch out for the bizarre pillaging of The Intro & The Outro by The Bonzo's in this epic from his everythingANDthekitchensink masterpiece Polnareff's.

Michel Polnareff - Né Dans Un Ice-Cream

I imagine, meanwhile, that on hearing of N.I.C.W., Ariane would have gotten herself all excited and danced around in a circle chanting "Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Moi je n'aime que l'ice cream" until she felt so queasy she couldn't stomach even the tiniest scoop of cold, creamy goodness**.

[image source: Bide & Musique]

Ariane - Ice Cream
[this was re-issued on Ultra Chicks vol. 1, if you can find a copy]

But isn't it strange how they both opted for the anglophone and not the francophone?

Here are a few of my favourite places to buy ice cream (in no particular order)
  1. Fusciardi's, Eastbourne - try the 'Moonraker' sundae.
  2. Marocco's, Hove - a multitude of homemade flavours, try the chilli chocolate or the boozy tiramisu.
  3. Di Pola's, Hastings - possibly the softest gelato I've ever had the pleasure of eating.
  4. Amorino, Paris - try as many flavours as you can fit in a cone and they will arrange them like the petals of a flower.
  5. Berthillon, Paris - everything from Irish Coffee to Earl Grey Tea. A scoop of pear and a scoop of their ultra-rich chocolate works well.
  6. Fennochio Glacier, Nice - over 50 flavours including some odd ones like Cactus, Black Olive, Tomato & Basil, Thyme.

*on closer inspection it seems to be very much a sponsored event, and not very 'National' at all
**does that sound dirty and wrong?

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